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Pure Gold...

and how the jump back began...

sunny 30 °C

I've had such an amazing day today. I went for practice and it was hard, hard, hard. My Down Dog was roundly criticized till I changed it completely. Repeatedly... After we had finished the standing postures Ajay took us through the most amazing jump back workshop and using lots of different demo techniques he got us all to attempt the proper Vinyasas- what I've been trying and failing at for the past four years, I've had hints of it but nothing much. But its like all the raw ingredients were there and through all the practice I do the strength was there as well, but then I found it wasn't even really about strength either. Its about breath, bandha, angle, having your palms flat and strong, the confidence to lean forward, forward, forward, and this amazing sensation rises and I started to float- well, for a millisecond anyway, I got a sense of how it should be and then this afternoon I was playing with it on my own and it was still there. You break a barrier in your practice and something changes in your mind- as above so below and all that... Ajay was emphasizing that aspect of it too, how learning a new habit, a new possibility in where your body will go has a knock on effect throughout the rest of your life, and spreads, and spreads..... We were practicing for two hours and I was completely exhilarated by the end.

Afterwards I eschewed hippy porridge at Sthalam8 in favour of an Indian breakfast at the Mahesh with Chiara- Idli Vada, fermented steamed rice cakes, one deep fried in batter like a doughnut (MMMMMMMMM) with coconut chutney and sambar and a great coffee. Chiara's going out with Lawrence, who was the first person I met in Mysore last year, and he came along, it was really lovely to see him again, and we had such a laugh, telling stories etc over great food. Theres another new student this week called Claire, from Perth, and I spent some time with her too. We got a rickshaw out to this big book emporium she wanted to see. I love going round big department stores in India, they have such great stuff- like musical Birthday cards that play 'Simply the Best' and doorbells that play the Gayatri Mantra. Excellent. I must pick up a doorbell before I leave. I'm not really into shopping this time round though so was happy to look- I still have loads of books I bought last trip to read.

When we got back I spent the next 2 hours cleaning- sweeping all the floors and mopping out the flat with disinfectant, As its been so hot the slightest thing attracts the ants. Theres nothing to put you off eating ghee sweets in bed like seeing an army of ants marching purposefully across the stone floor towards you. I killed a satisfying amount in the kitchen. And anything that isn't in an airtight jar is in the fridge as the slightest hint of ANYTHING food like, even a few stray grains of coffee on the counter attracts them. I'm not normally that domesticated but you really have to be in this climate. Just spent the rest of the day quietly- went shopping for milk, I seem to be getting through gallons. Lawrence was saying he hasn't drank this much milk since he was a kid and nor have I. You sweat out so much energy and minerals in practice you need to watch it. I take iron in the mornings and drink a pint of milk at night as well as a magnesium supplement, lots of brazil nuts etc. I also found Nilghiris sell cheese, eggs and tuna so I get more protein too. You have to eat a lot early on though, as a very early practice means you ideally should have an empty stomach. Its hard to engage the Uddiyana Bandha when Ajays prodding it on a stomach full of half-digested chapatis...

Everyones saying the weather should be cooling soon but it is still so very hot... Going to lie down under the fan and chill with my books... Its been a golden day. What I learned was gold. Chiara said this morning that she had been reading a story- some kind of myth, about how we are all living on a mountain of pure gold, and wealthy beyond our wildest desires, but all we tend to see is the dirt that covers it... And today I also finished reading 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman and there was a part in that that referred to all the secrets of life, death, and the universe, anything could be overcome through the medium of this one gold coin...

Oh dear. Vicky's been in India one week and is making all kinds of cosmic analogies already... Where else is this magical mystery Yoga tour going to take me I wonder???

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