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At the end of my first day after sorting my flat out i lay down to read a book and felt my eyes closing at six pm. So I decided not to set my alarm for practice on the Friday, reasoning that if i naturally slept beyond 5am I probably needed it... And I woke up 14 hours later... Feeling a million times better and brighter, and when I looked in the mirror I was back to my usual comparatively radiant self and the airplane lines had gone. Oh, and got my period so is just as well I slept.. Thats something that I need to keep an eye on this year, resting enough, getting enough protein, and letting my body go through its cycles as it pretty much shut down last year as I really overdid it. I think my reasoning was somewhere along the lines of 'If I do it constantly, all the time, somewhere, at some point, I am going to have to start feeling better...' And found out the hard way thats not how it works. If only it were.. Not a lot is written about 'Ashtanga Burnout' so maybe I should write some kind of pamphlet for women as a veteran myself.

So I made a lovely cup of chai and did a Yin practice for 90 minutes as still quite stiff from travel and emerged slowly from my flat into the sunlight.. Was very excited to find that there is a BIG BAZAAR in Mysore- this is a big supermarket with lots of bargains to be had and lots of excited people with microphones; I trawled round for a bit till i found an alarm clock for 59 Rupees so i can get up for practice, and stocked up on mineral water. Then I spent a very frustrating hour looking for an internet cafe until some little kids helped me find one. If you need something, or help with anything, the kids here are fantastic and speak perfect English if your Kannada is as limited as mine is, I do plan to extend it a bit though as I am in Mysore for 2 months... So I did the Facebook thing and then started to feel a bit sick and dizzy so headed back home for a lie down under the fan, my room looks pretty now and it has a nice feel to it- like a decompression chamber after the intensity of the past few months and the peace suits me fine.

I'm just round the corner from Mahesh Prahad which is a good place to eat and went for some dosas for tea, rice pancakes with coconut chutney and sambar, really good. Then I finished reading William Dalrymple's 'City of Dijinns' which is an AMAZING book about the history of Delhi and some of my Berni Clark book on Yin Yoga and some ideas started to emerge for a new posting on my website about balance in Yoga, how striking a balance is so very different for everyone and what may seem extreme for some, could in fact be balanced behavior. The ideas and thoughts flowed strongly for a bit and I drifted off much later.

Today (Saturday) has been more of the same really. I managed to do the standing sequence from the Primary Series quite comfortably although my knee has worryingly started to hurt, although its muscular, not in the joint, so I'm just avoiding half lotus for now. Then I drank chai and went for a walk. I met an Irish girl called Eiliche in a bookshop who's also studying with Ajay and we got chatting and I ended up going into the madness of central Mysore with her to Ashoka Books and I bought some Mysore Pak (oh yes, food of the Gods, rich buttery lushness) then we had dosas in the Mahesh and I met her daughters and got the low down on whats going on in Laksmipuram. Turns out theres a guy called Lawrence studying here who was the first person I met last year in Mysore!!! In fact I went to his birthday party and left my Yoga trousers in his shower... Maybe he still has them!? So I've started to make some buddies and find my feet a bit which is good.

Its been beautiful today- sunny but with a cool-ish breeze- it must be about 20 degrees so its T shirt weather but not at all too hot. Apparently there are winds on their way as we're coming into Mysore winter. Perfect. It won't be cold like at home, more like UK May/June weather, so just nice. The vibe here in the breeze is like walking round a Cezanne garden painting- lush, rich green-ness after the rains, with massive old trees that seem to incline down towards the streets and loom over all that goes on.

Its a full moon tomorrow so no practice.... A full moon in Aries as it happens, so it'll be another reading and walking day...

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Hi victoria! so envious, can't wait to be back there, i had a great friend who was studying with Ajay and absolutely fell in love with him, and her practice. enjoy the beauty of India and of your practice! alice xx

by alicec01

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