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The past few days have flown by... I've been getting back into practice after being ill and its flowing again. Ajay's a good taskmaster, he remembers where each and every one of us is and makes sure we are all given new challenges every day, new tasks to add that 'je ne sais quoi' to the Primary Series. Baddha Konasana has quicky become pretty effortless and comfortable and I am working with exercises around Kurmasana- in the past my approach to it has been all wrong- trying to hold it together with my knees when its a much more subtle core energetic...

We had backbending again this Sunday and it didn't feel quite so crazy as the first one but its such very deep core work that you really feel it for a couple of days afterwards. Also, when you do the physically deep stuff its as if you're not only swimming through the waters of your feelings but stirring up the very silt that normally rests on the bottom of the sea of 'you'- the thoughts you get, the emotions- random things from the past come up and its like you have to examine them once more before you can let them go, discard them as irrelevant to the here and now. These thoughts and feelings tend to stick around in disguise most of the time, affecting behaviour and we don't know why we do the things we do sometimes... Yoga weeds these things out and allows us to be like Dorothy, pouring water over the wicked witch of the West... All those memories of ex boyfriends, nasty bosses, losses and bereavements; bad situations desperately trying to stay inside me and squealing pathetically as they are named and shamed after practice... Because that's how ego works- ego is a bit of a nonentity without memories and things to cling to- whether they are good or bad, and ego loves to exaggerate these things too. Like someone with no personal charisma who has to spread gossip to get attention... If you think about it ego can act a lot like the character of Iago in Othello- even 'Iago' sounds a bit like ego doesn't it? Maybe Shakespeare was conversant with the language of Yoga........ Hmmmmm.....

So apart from practice I've been spending quite a bit of time with the other students here, sweet-shopping with Claire and the odd trip to the pool. I got flashed at whilst walking home the other day!!! It was laughable really, there was this guy taking a leak near a tree and as I walked past he shouted 'Excuse me Madam' (!) and spun round and gave me an eyeful!!! It was as if he saw me walking past and thought 'well here we all are, i know what to do...!' I just tutted and walked on, it wasn't scary- there were loads of people around. Actually apparently its a growing problem here and there are posters up in Gokulam advising you to laugh if it happens as they are trying to get a reaction of shock from you... Its not very polite though. The last time that happened to me was in the Lanes in Brighton years ago.

I went for a long and very sweaty walk up the sacred Chamundi Hill yesterday with Eilis and everyone. Theres millions of steps and loads of monkeys.. Mette got her bottle of coca-cola swiped by one of them who then tried really unsuccessfully to open it... There was a festival going on that related to Diwali- there were beautiful marquees up and we went into the cave of the Swami of Chamundi Hill. He's a beautiful old man who radiates love and good humanity. Deep, kind brown eyes. He was on the phone a lot of the time but told a good story of why you can never trust a monkey. And said that in life, laughter is the best medicine... Then we went outside and ate the best thali I've had since I got here. Biriyani, savoury melon curry, poppadoms, fiery pickles and buttermilk. Really good. The only faw was they kept setting off those obnoxious firecrackers to scare the monkeys which work for, oh, 10 seconds or so... So a delicious and nerve jangling lunch...
Most of yesterday afternoon was spent sitting on the roof with Claire and Metteh, chatting and tarot card reading under the sun. Blisss. And I've nearly finished my book on Tantric Yoga by David Frawley. That man is such an incredible writer. I've sent him an email to ask about further study as what he's writing about is just what floats my boat. Studying the Goddesses in all aspects and intense mantra work. Very very interesting.

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