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Extreme Backbending...

and this years astrology...

sunny 34 °C

Yesterday was horribly, unbearably hot- I've been promised we're coming into winter but its not happening yet... Still, theres respite after 4pm when the sun eases off. I spent most of the day reading about Ashtanga and learning about psoas muscles and the origin of hamstring tension then I had a little sleep, and went for a walk and was so happy to find a guy selling cheikku fruit. These are the most beautiful, sweet fudgy little fruits that look like potatoes but are just divine. So I was sitting around eating them when I found a note from Isis to meet up with her, Eilis and Liza to go see the astrologer as recommended by Dorothea...

His name is Balu and he's based in Laksmipuram too. He was a computer engineer for years before he took himself off to Kerala for a while to study astrology and do readings for people instead. He does a combination of numerology, asrology and divination with shells and crystals. He did some sums and went quiet for a while, then looked at my palm. He said 'Theres a lot of learning here, a lot of study, you are writing a book?'. That was quite weird because actually I am- I had an idea a couple of months ago and am working on it in its preliminary stages at the moment. And he got that I'd studied Art etc. And made some interesting predictions. We'll see about those.. It was short and sweet and all good, so I was happy. I'm just living in the present at the moment- being fully engaged what I'm doing in the here and now and not worrying about the future but he did confirm a couple of possibilities for next years plans. And he saw I'd been a little sad recently. Only a little. But thats changing too. I spoke to Eilis this morning and she said he was spot on for her daughters. I liked him, he's a nice, friendly type. He invited me to go hang out at his house and talk about astrology sometime so I may. I'd be interested in learning more abut Vedic astrology.

I didn't sleep so well last night as it was roasting, even with the fan going full blast. Practice this morning was just self-practice in the shala and only 4 of us showed up. I guess everyone was feeling the heat... Then at 3pm came the famous *BACK BENDING* class...
OH . MY . GOD .
It was very very intense. And I will feel it tomorrow. I learned so much from it. It really hammered home the importance of lightness and creating space in asana. And we were doing drop backs using the wall but it was broken down into stages. I had to stop more than once as I was convinced I was about to puke and lose control of all my bodily functions and pass out. I managed a better hand stand than I've done in months. Then I ended the class not so brilliantly, Ajay pointed out my spine needs to be built up and worked on and for some reason it really upset me. Maybe because I do more exercise than anyone I know and I thought my back was strong. Maybe its a pride thing. Or maybe its because being or feeling strong and healthy and robust is so important to me- something I can rely on even when the rest of my life has gone to Hell in a handcart. Even in the eye of the storm I still go and pound lengths in the swimming pool, still run and run, still do full on boy push-ups. So I didn't hang around after class, I went home and cried my eyes out for a while. And as soon as I was done I had a shower and a nice cold can of coke and put clean clothes on. And the Heavens have just opened as I write this. Its thundering, lightening and absolutely pissing it down. Talk about a release of tension.

I feel better now. Improving and changing and accepting where you are is all part of Yoga. And so I'm not going to throw in the towel after my hissy fit of screaming 'Oh WHY do I bother?' at the wall. As Cerys Matthews sings 'Martyrdom does not become me...'

And finally, thankfully, the air is cool.

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